Promopalooza – Bartholomew Barker

Promopalooza - Bartholomew Barker

Bartholomew Barker

Do you have an MP3 of you reading a poem? Send it along.

Bartholomew Barker: Attached is an MP3 of my poem “Loving Chocolate”.

Your Chapbook or Book Title, Press, Where available for sale.

Milkshakes and Chilidogs, available on Amazon

What inspired you to write this Chapbook/Book? What else should we know about it? Or just add the Blurb.

A chapbook of poems inspired by food and drink and dessert.

What was your journey to publication like?

Being impatient, I published it myself.

Any upcoming Chapbook/Book releases? Upcoming poems in magazines?

I’ll have a horror poem in The Dark Sire, Issue 6.

Your Website and Social Media Links.

Any poets or books that inspired your writing?

I’m a big fan of Charles Bukowski.

Who are you currently reading?

Just finished “Night Sky with Exit Wounds” by Ocean Vuong.

Pay it Forward – Promote your favorite Charity, tell us why you love it, add a link.

Save the Chimps! I love that they take chimpanzees who have been caged by humans and let them roam free and protected on an island in Florida.

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