Poet of the Day – Karen George

National Poetry Month April 30, 2020 Karen George Frida Kahlo, Henry Ford Hospital (The Flying Bed), 1932         Frida, not everyone wants to see you unclothed on a hospital bed in the open air, industrial Detroit on the horizon, blood puddling beneath you. Clutched in your hand, long umbilical cords attached to floating objects: […]

Poet of the Day – Claire Rubin

National Poetry Month April 29, 2020. Claire Rubin Wise Penelope   Twenty years without hearth sitting, shawl weaving, sock sewing, without supervising servants so the roast pig is pleasing to the hoards of lascivious men swigging wine, pinching servants and waving cardboard swords   Twenty years of adventures, the captain of her ship never falling […]