Origin Stories – Thomas A. Thomas

Almost by Thomas A. Thomas Through the dream veil made of orchids another timeline appears in this one, horses hobbled so as not to graze too far overnight and behind them on the backdrop of an alpine lake the floatplanes land and take off, or float like kittiwakes The horses are fat & fit and […]

Origin Stories – Joanne Durham

Garbage by Joanne Durham Creepy old guy’s digging through the garbage at 6:00 am— Bill complains on the locals’ page. Neighbors suggest he’s an artist, gathering tin to shape into tourist treasures, replace creepy with harmless, quiet, down on luck, vow to leave sorted cans along his route, even say his name. Bill retorts SO […]

Origin Stories – Kenton K. Yee

Metaphor Of A Muse by Kenton K. Yee The counterfeit is conceived on 14 point stock, sold, bought, received in a plain envelope, entered, dated, signed in Bic blue. How its front is flashed to prove. Truth be told, beauty isn’t proof. Still, the card almost achieves lamination of truth sequencing words like these in […]