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Origin Stories for May
Metaphor Of A Muse
    Metaphor Of A Muse 
    by Kenton K. Yee

    The counterfeit is conceived 
    on 14 point stock, 

    sold, bought, received
    in a plain envelope, 
    entered, dated, signed 
    in Bic blue. 
    How its front is flashed 
    to prove. 

    Truth be told, 
    beauty isn’t proof. 

    Still, the card almost achieves 
    lamination of truth 

    sequencing words like these 
    in fashion of a ruse. 

Origin Stories – Metaphor Of A Muse

I first drafted this poem in Fall, 2021, prompted by news about the buying and selling of counterfeit proof-of-vaccination cards in response to prominent employers, like the NFL, instituting covid vaccination requirements. As I revised the poem, the “counterfeits … sold, bought, … dated, signed” became metaphors for everything from diplomas and passports to licenses and prizes. We all seem to crave validation, not just for employers and business partners, but for ourselves, so it’s no surprise that the demand for “lamination of truth” is widespread across all cultures and countries.


Kenton K. Yee most recently placed poetry in Rattle, Plume Poetry, The Threepenny Review, Constellations, Sugar House Review, Mantis, Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts, The New Verse News, The Indianapolis Review, Berkeley Poetry Review, and Pembroke Magazine, among other journals. Kenton writes from northern California.

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