Origin Stories – L. Shapley Bassen

Origin Stories
    by L. Shapley Bassen

    In Real Life,
    words, pauses, punctuation.
    Smells, perfume, memory
    is a scrim, a masking of
    movements, bowel and ballet.
    Autumn, age, are slow shock.
    Now, whether body can
    weather toxins? Ankle cramp?
    No acronyms suffice.
    Spell it out. 

Origin Stories – IRL

This is a new poem, haven’t submitted anywhere else yet. It was inspired by a recent FB message from my daughter. I juxtaposed the constant need to look up cyber-acronyms used by younger and/or more fluent friends & family – whom I never ask to translate/explain – with yet another symptom of aging, a foot cramp in a long ago injured ankle. Ah, Achilles!  


L. Shapley Bassen’s grandmother was a telegrapher on Wall Street a century ago who taught her to read and tapped messages to her in Morse Code. A New Yorker living in Rhode Island, she is a multi-published & prize-winning author of fiction, poetry, & drama.

2014 novel Summer of the Long Knives (Typhoon Media-Signal 8 Press)

2014 Lives of Crime & Other Stories (Texture Press)

2017 Showfolk & Stories (Inkception Books)

2019 collected works poetry What Suits a Nudist? (Clare Songbirds Publishing House)

1996 The Month Before the Moon (Samuel French, Inc. https://www.concordtheatricals.com/p/1563/the-month-before-the-moon)

Fiction editor at https://www.craftliterary.com/.




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