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Methods of Creating Visual Poetry

Methods of creating visual poetry. It’s nice to have videos of you or others reading poems to pop on YouTube or other places. Maybe you want to up your game and create something a little different. Backgrounds with the words of your poems appearing in front of them. I found some videos that show you how to make visual poems and some examples. It’s handy if you have a drone to get that aerial footage,…

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How to Organize Your Poetry into a Chapbook

It all sounds so easy. Write poetry. Organize your poetry into book format. Submit chapbook. Profit! Well, maybe not the last one. We all know how much poetry pays. Sometimes it’s tempting to fold poems into paper airplanes and send them out into the world. I favor the “tie a poem to a balloon and send it aloft” method, but that’s bad for the environment. So, what to do with all those poems? First, print…

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Gyroscope Press

New Books From Gyroscope Press

In case you missed the new books from Gyroscope Press in the mad shuffle of National Poetry Month, here they are. Something Like a Life from Sally Zakariya, and How We Learned To Shut Our Own Mouths from Kathleen Cassen Mickelson. Find out more about them and read reviews on their Gyroscope Press pages. Sally Zakariya “The poems flow esthetically from beginning to end with a heart-warming universality of nostalgia and memoir…” Kathleen Cassen Mickelson…

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National Poetry Month

Promopalooza – Cassie Premo Steele

Cassie Premo Steele Do you have an MP3 of you reading a poem? Send it along. Yes, thank you! This is a new poem called “Dear Audre, Mother.” Here’s the link to the audio: Video Your Chapbook or Book Title, Press, Where available for sale. My most recent poetry book is Tongues in Trees: poems 1994-2017. The link for the Kindle edition at Amazon. The link for the paperback is Amazon. And the link to…

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