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Speaking of Place – Ten Prompts

The Spring 2021 Call for Submissions is looking for poems about place, and speaking of place, here are ten prompts to jump-start some creativity. Flip through your phone or a book to get more ideas. Write about somewhere you’ve been, or somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. What would it be like? Is your dream destination a beach? The mountains? Somewhere in a busy city? A cabin in the woods with no people around? That’s…

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All You Need — Love Poems

Ah, love poems. February 14th is coming up fast. Perhaps you want to write a love poem to your significant other. Or maybe you need a love poem to yourself. Nothing wrong with that. A love poem to the furry presence in your life? No problem. Read it to your cat or dog and let them know how much they mean to you. There are no limits on love poetry. Well, one limit. Please don’t…

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The Winter 21-1 Issue

The Winter 21-1 Issue of Gyroscope Review has arrived! Filled with poems addressing the world as we know it, and the world as we’d like it to be. Read diverse voices such as: Paul David Adkins, William Blackburn, Michael Boccardo, Nancy Botkin, Susan Campbell, Elise Chadwick, Sudasi Clement, David Colodney, Dale Cottingham, Shannon Cuthbert, Martins Deep, William Doreski, Howard Faerstein, Karen George, Marissa Glover, Stephen Ground, Cordelia Hanemann, Anna Idelevich, Kimberly Jarchow, Lily Kardon, Kathleen…

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Welcome, 2021. We’ve Been Waiting For You

2021. Welcome. I keep checking out my window to make sure nothing is sneaking up on us, Mad Max style. It’s Day 1. So far, so good. Marking the New Year is supposed to be about resolutions. As writers, resolutions are easy to make and a bear to keep. The Muse is fickle, and despite our best intentions, likes to desert us just when we need inspiration the most. Knowing that makes beating her/him/they at…

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