Spring 2022 Issue

Welcome the Spring 2022 Issue of Gyroscope Review! We’re so glad you’re here. Join us in welcoming our Seventh Anniversary Issue of Gyroscope Review with outstanding work by the following poets: Testimony Akinkunmi, Susan Barry-Schulz, Stuart Bartow, Lois Bassen, Lisa Bledsoe, Lavina Blossom, Dorothy Brooks, Mary Lou Buschi, Wendy Carlisle, Noah Cohen-Greenberg, David Colodney, John […]

Let the Poet Speak! – Rosie Prohías Driscoll

Rosie Prohías Driscoll Bio Rosie Prohías Driscoll is a Cuban-American educator and poet. She teaches high school English in Alexandria, VA, where she lives with her husband and a host of ancestral spirits who keep her rooted and grateful. Her poems have appeared in numerous online and print journals, including The Acentos Review, Literary Mama, Saw Palm: Florida Literature and Art, […]

Let the Poet Speak! – Anna Idelevich

Anna Idelevich bio Anna Idelevich is a scientist by profession, Ph.D., MBA, trained in the neuroscience field at Harvard University.  She writes poetry for pleasure.  Her books and poetry collections include “DNA of the Reversed River” and “Cryptopathos” published by the Liberty Publishing House, NY.  Anna’s poems were featured in Louisville Review, BlazeVOX, The Racket, […]

Let the Poet Speak! – Shelly Holder

Shelly Holder Bio Shelly Holder is an emerging poet who hosts a poetry book club through Surprise the Line, where she also runs a 30 Poems in 30 Days workshop. Shelly has a deep love for weeklong intensive workshops, which began in 2012 with David Baker at the Kenyon Writer’s Workshop, recently reinforced by studying […]