Let the Poet Speak! – Anna Idelevich

Fallen premiere
Resin flows from the syllable
You are so cool

Anna Idelevich bio

Anna Idelevich is a scientist by profession, Ph.D., MBA, trained in the neuroscience field at Harvard University.  She writes poetry for pleasure.  Her books and poetry collections include “DNA of the Reversed River” and “Cryptopathos” published by the Liberty Publishing House, NY.  Anna’s poems were featured in Louisville Review, BlazeVOX, The Racket, Bourgeon Magazine, Running Wild Press, Zoetic Press among others.  We hope you will enjoy their melody, new linguistic tone, and a slight tint of an accent.

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjHGP6fhnwiOrIq6Zh-Nqmg

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