Spring 2022 Issue

Spring 2022 Issue

Welcome the Spring 2022 Issue of Gyroscope Review! We’re so glad you’re here. Join us in welcoming our Seventh Anniversary Issue of Gyroscope Review with outstanding work by the following poets:

Testimony Akinkunmi, Susan Barry-Schulz, Stuart Bartow, Lois Bassen, Lisa Bledsoe, Lavina Blossom, Dorothy Brooks, Mary Lou Buschi, Wendy Carlisle, Noah Cohen-Greenberg, David Colodney, John M. Davis, Rebecca Dempsey, Marc Di Martino, Shaheen Dil, Jane Ebihara, Eva Eliav, Alfred Fournier, David Goad, Oz Hardwick, Lois Harrod, Catherine Hodges, Hilary King, Laurie Kolp, Judy Kronenfeld, Stellasue Lee, Douglas Macdonald, Victoria Melekian, Penelope Moffet, Cecil Morris, CJ Muchhala, Robbi Nester, Alyson Peabody, James Penha, Bonnie Proudfoot, Sarath Reddy, Ron Riekki, Russell Rowland, Angeline Schellenberg, JR Solonche, Judith Taylor, Cathy Thwing, Kathleen Wedl, Florence Weinberger, Julie Weiss, William Wells, Richard Westheimer, Martin Willitts Jr, Kenton Yee.

Cover and Interior art by Kathleen Cassen Mickelson.

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Submissions for the Summer 2022 Issue

The Summer 2022 Issue is an open, unthemed issue. Send us your ‘hot’ poems, your thoughts on the world, your musings on nature. We’re open to political poems but be subtle—no rants. The Submissions period opens April 1st, 2022. We welcome all poets, whether emerging or established. We welcome all types of poems and poets. Rhyming poetry is a hard sell, unless done well but we’re willing to look at almost everything. No racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQA+ or any other –ist poems. We’re not the magazine for that. Check our FAQ page and guidelines for more details. As always, read previous issues, they’re available for free on our website, or buy a print copy off Amazon or Book Depository.

We will close submissions if we get all the poems we need, so submit early. We also close to submissions for the month if we reach our submissions cap.

Please read our full guidelines on Submittable: