Winter 2024 Issue

The Winter 2024 edition of Gyroscope Review contains fine poetry from the following poets: Lavina Blossom, Jude Brigley, Chip Brosius, Rohan Buettel, Sarah Carleton, RT Castleberry, Maureen Clark, David Colodney, Joe Cottonwood, John Cruze, Marc Di Martino, Margie Duncan, Lynn Gilbert, Jeremy Griffin, Richard Hague, Abdullah Jimoh, Wess Mongo Jolley, Molly Lanzarotta, Samantha MacIlwaine, Natalie […]

Spring 2023 Issue

The Spring 2023 Issue We welcome the Spring 2023 Issue of Gyroscope Review, along with National Poetry Month. There will be plenty of reading material, not just in the new issue, but from our talented poets as they provide the Origin Story of one of their poems. A new poet every day through April for […]