Winter 2024 Issue

Winter 2024 Cover

The Winter 2024 edition of Gyroscope Review contains fine poetry from the following poets:

Lavina Blossom, Jude Brigley, Chip Brosius, Rohan Buettel, Sarah Carleton, RT Castleberry, Maureen Clark, David Colodney, Joe Cottonwood, John Cruze, Marc Di Martino, Margie Duncan, Lynn Gilbert, Jeremy Griffin, Richard Hague, Abdullah Jimoh, Wess Mongo Jolley, Molly Lanzarotta, Samantha MacIlwaine, Natalie Marino, Michelle Miller, Elaine Mintzer, Robbi Nester, Yoda Olinyk, Shaun Pankoski, T R Poulson, Bonnie Proudfoot, Sarah Rae, Sourima Rana, E Rhyme, Laurie Rosen, Mary Rummel, Susan Sailer, Michael Salcman, Peter Serchuk, Merna Dyer Skinner, Emily-Sue Sloane, Connie Soper, Dianne Stepp, Ralph Stevens, Eugene Stevenson, Alison Stone, Rowan Tate, Judith Taylor, Dawn Terpstra, Ruth Towne, Richard Westheimer, Cynthia White, Martin Willitts Jr, Shannon Winston

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For the 2024 Spring Issue submissions, there is no theme, we’re just looking for fine, contemporary poetry, but it is our 9th anniversary, so if you have any 9 themed or 9 stanza poems, send them along.

Spring Issue 2024 submissions open January 15th, 2024, and run through March 1, 2024, with the issue releasing on April 1st, 2024.  We will close early if we get all the poems we need, so submit early. We also close early if we reach our submissions cap for the month. We welcome poems from both new and established poets. We have eclectic tastes, so give us a shot. We’d love to see what you’ve been working on. Check out past issues to see what we like. See our full guidelines on Submittable: