Spring 2023 Issue

Spring 2023 Issue
Spring 2023 Issue

The Spring 2023 Issue

We welcome the Spring 2023 Issue of Gyroscope Review, along with National Poetry Month. There will be plenty of reading material, not just in the new issue, but from our talented poets as they provide the Origin Story of one of their poems. A new poet every day through April for National Poetry Month. (And into May, for the Origin Stories Extended Edition.) Several of the Spring 2023 poets will also be featured during April for their poem Origin Story.

The Spring 2023 Issue contains a multitude of fine poetry by Daniel Brennan, Carol Casey, Matthew Chamberlin, Pacella Chukwuma Eke, William Cordeiro, Barbara Crooker, German Dario, John M. Davis, Diana Dinverno, Alicia Elkort, Tresha Haefner, Richard Hague, Jeffrey Haskey-Valerius, Amanda Hayden, Gloria Heffernan, Mary Holscher, Nafisa A. Iqbal, Jacqueline Jules, Olalekan Daniel Kehinde, Merie Kirby, Landa wo, Susanna Lang, Kevin LeMaster, Lenny Lianne, Mary Makofske, Liz Marlow, Kathleen Cassen Mickelson, Judith Mikesch-McKenzie, Claudia Mills, Mark Mitchell, Samantha Moe, Susan Moorhead, Miriam O’Neal, Colette Parris, Julie Paul, Elizabeth Porter, David Prather, Bonnie Proudfoot, Donna Pucciani, Claudia Reder, Phyllis Rittner, Russell Rowland, Claire Scott, Christina Ruotolo, Elaine Sorrentino, Laurel Szymkowiak, Phyllis Wax, Kathryn Weld, Richard Westheimer, Patricia Zylius

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