Interview with Poet Marc Alan Di Martino

GR: Marc Alan Di Martino , thanks for agreeing to let us interview you for Gyroscope Review. We’re happy you’re one of our contributing poets. Will you please begin by telling us where you are from, what you write, and why poetry? MDM: I’m originally from Maryland, though I spent my twenties in New York […]

Living in Laconia by Ruth Holzer

Gyroscope Press is proud to present Living in Laconia, a chapbook by Ruth Holzer. Praise for Living in Laconia: In his Figures of Thought, our late poet laureate Howard Nemerov paraphrases Mark Twain:  “The difference between the right word and the exactly right word is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”  In […]

Book Review – The Only Light Coming In by Joseph Hardy

Joseph Hardy’s poetry book The Only Light Coming In is a volume filled with reflections on relationships, some good, some bad, some still a mystery to the author. Hardy spends time to do introspection on the past in a way we are all familiar with, joys, regrets, and searing moments we’ll never be able to […]