Fall 2022 Crone Power Issue

Fall 2022 Crone Power Issue

The Fall 2022 Crone Power Issue of Gyroscope Review is a special issue, dedicated to women identifying poets over the age of 50. We feel this demographic is often overlooked as a source of power and inspiration in poetry, and we love to give voice to these unique poets. Their words come from the heart. Read the work of this incredible group of poets and come away moved by their energy and strength.

Gyroscope Review is proud to have the following poets in their Crone Power Issue: Carrie Albert, Mona Anderson, Tina Barry, Betsy Bolton, Martha Bordwell, Laure-Anne Bosselaar, Wendy Brown-Baez, BJ Buckley, Tina Carlson, Katherine Clarke, T. Clear, Barbara Crane, Pat Daneman, Patricia Davis-Muffett, Ann de Forest, Melanie Du Bose, Joanne Durham, Annamaria Formichella, Serena Fusek, Melinda Goodman, Gloria Heffernan, Karen Paul Holmes, Susan Johnson, Jacqueline Jules, Babo Kamel, Susan Kress, Judy Kronenfeld, Laurie Kuntz, Tina Lear, Peggy Liuzzi, Andrea Livingston, Fran Markover, Kate Marshall, Cheryl Martone, Nancy Meyer, Judith Montgomery, Anne Myles, Lynn Pattison, Marge Piercy, Jessica Purdy, Barbara Rockman, Linda Scheller, Sharon Scholl, Prartho Sereno, Jacquelyn Shah, Winters Simpson, Virginia Smith, Mary Specker Stone, Whitney Vale, Anastasia Walker, Ann Wallace, Patty Ware, Rhett Watts, Pamela Wax.

Where to find the Crone Issue

Find a paperback copy of the Crone Issue on Amazon.

Also available as an ebook for Amazon Kindle

Copies of Gyroscope Review can also be found on Book Depository and Biblio.

As always, the PDF version is available HERE.

Enjoy the Fall 2022 Crone Power Issue, and make sure to let the poets know through social media you appreciate their work!

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The Winter 2023 Issue is an open issue with no theme, just fine, contemporary poetry. We welcome all poets, whether emerging or established, we also welcome all types of poems. Rhyming poetry is a hard sell, as are forms unless done well, but we’re willing to look at almost everything. No racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQA+ or any other –ist poems. We’re not the magazine for that. Check our FAQ page and guidelines for more details.

Mark the dates!

Winter Submissions open Oct 1, 2022 and run through December 1, 2022. We will close early if we get all the poems we need, so submit early. We also close to submissions early for the month if we reach our submissions cap. Put 4 poems in one .doc(x) or .rtf document, page breaks in between poems, please, and an up-to-date bio for the magazine in the Submittable bio section. No weird formatting. It makes the editors twitch. Do not submit poems individually. Only submit once. If you submit more than 4 poems in a doc., we will read the first 4 and ignore the rest, breaking their poemy little hearts. Please use the name in your bio you’d like to be published under.

We welcome poems that are seasonal. Send us your topical takes on the world. We have eclectic tastes, so give us a shot. We’d love to see what you’ve been working on.

Please read our full guidelines on Submittable: https://gyroscopereview.submittable.com/submit/