Let the Poet Speak! – Shelly Holder

Another Morning
I’ve Got So Many Prayers Still Unspoken
Los Angeles as Ars Poetica
Shelly Holder reading
Shelly Holder reading

Shelly Holder Bio

Shelly Holder is an emerging poet who hosts a poetry book club through Surprise the Line, where she also runs a 30 Poems in 30 Days workshop. Shelly has a deep love for weeklong intensive workshops, which began in 2012 with David Baker at the Kenyon Writer’s Workshop, recently reinforced by studying with Mark Doty at the 2022 Palm Beach Poetry Festival. Others she was fortunate enough to learn from include Linda Gregerson, Ada Limon, Mary Szybist, and Rick Barot. Holder has poetry published in Gyroscope Review and Mandala Journal, as well as flash fiction in Camden Press and DOGZPLOT. She lives in a town she likes to call an “outer-outer-outer” suburb of Los Angeles, where she struggles to get an orange tree to fruit.

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