Origin Stories – L. Shapley Bassen

IRL by L. Shapley Bassen In Real Life, words, pauses, punctuation. Smells, perfume, memory is a scrim, a masking of movements, bowel and ballet. Autumn, age, are slow shock. Now, whether body can weather toxins? Ankle cramp? No acronyms suffice. Spell it out. Origin Stories – IRL This is a new poem, haven’t submitted anywhere […]

Origin Stories – Howard Lieberman

A Butterfly in Odessa by Howard Lieberman The medium suits her, and she sings; she sings as if absolutely alone, Surrounded by simulations of grief: desertion, denial, umbrella’d by umbrage, eyes aflame with a kindle of tears. What is that for which she really weeps: this futile place, that distant, venal State, that flat, fatiguing […]

Origin Stories – Wanda Praisner

Karakorum by Wanda S. Praisner That sunny dome! those caves of ice! S. T. Coleridge For social studies, I show my old slides of Mongolia. The five of us entering Ulan Bator’s Hotel B where flies blacken the breakfast but ignore the white yogurt. My family by the propeller plane on the sandy runway. A […]