Promopalooza – Sherry Rind

Promopalooza - Sherry Rind

Sherry Rind

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Between States of Matter

The Poetry Box Select Series

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What inspired you to write this Chapbook/Book? What else should we know about it? Or just add the Blurb.

Between States of Matter points out that we spend more time getting somewhere than being there, more time in the process than the final form. And beings are always trying to upend the way things are, whether it’s a lion appearing in the front yard, a plant sneaking out of its assigned place, or the author shifting between her own self and a dog. The poems move between yearning and acceptance, yet are shot through with sardonic humor—the poet compares a battle of King Kong and Godzilla to the current state of affairs; a dead husband showing up for dinner must be taken to a restaurant because the speaker still can’t cook his favorite food; a seeker of enlightenment will reach that state only by dying in an earthquake. Yet the place that is Between States of Matter is full of possibility. Change could go anywhere.

What was your journey to publication like?

This is my fifth collection and third full-length book. The path to publication is always long and difficult, especially for those outside academia.

Any upcoming Chapbook/Book releases? Upcoming poems in magazines?

The Store-House of Wonder and Astonishment

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Any poets or books that inspired your writing?

The support of my poetry critique book helps inspire me: Anne Pitkin, Alicia Hokanson, Mercedes Lawry.

Who are you currently reading?

Too many to list! But right at this moment, today, I am revisiting Shirley Kaufman, the poet whose work first made me believe that I, too, could publish a book.

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Because my interest and topic has always been animals, the Duke Lemur Center which works to preserve the most endangered animals on earth. Lemurs are found only on Madagascar.

Promopalooza - Sherry Rind

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