April 30 – Barbara Crooker

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This is the last of our special National Poetry Month presentations and Gyroscope Review’s month-long celebration of poets – and their diverse Writing Assistants. We hope you’ve enjoyed the audio/video works by previous Gyroscope Review poets and their fun Writing Assistant Bios. Thank you for reading and listening along with us. You can find these poets and more in our Back Issues. Be sure and read the Spring 2024 Issue for the latest poems and poets.

LES AMOUREUX EN BLEUMarc Chagall, 1919, oil on paper

Marc Chagall, 1919, oil on paper

It’s blue, oceans of blue, filling the canvas in azure,
blue jay feathers fallen to earth.  His blue hair,
demarked in curls.  Her eye, in deep blue shadow.
His blue shirt, white collar.  Her blue dress, dotted
with squares.  Her blue lips, the sideways kiss.
Where are they now, these lovers?  Caught up in blue,
they are so young, but this was over one hundred years
ago.  Now they are dead or old.  Which is why
we love paintings, isn’t it?  Because here they can live 
in love forever.  His eyes are closed as he drinks in
her lips.  Her gloved hand is tender on his cheek.  Yes,
there are slashes and gashes of black, but they only serve
to delineate and define. Death’s shadow, that old black
crow, does not appear.

link to the Chagall painting which inspired the poem: https://www.ekphrastic.net/the-ekphrastic-review/les-amoureux-en-blue-by-barbara-crooker


Two Lovers in Blue, by Marc Chagall (France, b. Belarus) 1919


Barbara Crooker is the author of twelve chapbooks and ten full-length books of poetry, including  Some Glad Morning, Pitt Poetry Series, University of Pittsburgh Poetry Press, longlisted for the Julie Suk award from Jacar Press, The Book of Kells, which won the Best Poetry Book of 2019 Award from Poetry by the Sea, and Slow Wreckage (Grayson Books, 2024). Her other awards include: Grammy Spoken Word Finalist, the WB Yeats Society of New York Award, the Thomas Merton Poetry of the Sacred Award, and three Pennsylvania Council fellowships in literature.  Her work appears in literary journals and anthologies, including The Bedford Introduction to Literature.

Here’s a link to Slow Wreckage; links to her other books can be found at her website, www.barbaracrooker.com

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