April 21 – Beth Kanell

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I See You

I See You 

You are new to this town, standing at the worn-down end
of Main Street, where it crosses to the river. Maybe you arrived
in that hectic hour before school, when cars stream up
the narrow hill, no sidewalks—I see you standing alone,
your cardboard sign: Hungry. Homeless. Help.
Your hat on crooked, your boots not tied, mid morning now
and chilled, stung by a sharp wind. You are new in this place.
You can’t know how your worn jacket, the bag at your side,
slice into my heart, where grief simmers. Someone I loved
stood the way you are standing; asked a stranger’s help as rain began;
refused an invitation to come back. Not everyone’s willing
to be embraced. To be known or invited. Five dollars
and some change I had with me, and I put them
in your hand—mentioned a diner on the far side of town
where a full breakfast costs less than that—said “have a good
day, stay safe.” Things I used to say across three hundred miles
to someone starving in a city where, every day, he grew older,
sadder, more angry. I hope you find your way. I hope you find
your place, here or somewhere else. I wish you a hot shower,
a cheap ride, a job you can bear to hold onto. A place that
holds you kindly, as you are: embraces you. Offers you a home.


You know you’ve found the right coffee shop when your New York City sons discover it first, and then pass it along. The orange mug with the Café Grumpy logo keeps me company now, nagging me to write the next poem. Somehow it never does get around to smiling back at me, though!


Beth Kanell lives in northeastern Vermont among rivers, rocks, and a lot of writers. Her poems seek comfortable seats in small well-lit places, including Lilith Magazine, Gyroscope Review, The Post-Grad Journal, Does It Have Pockets?, Anti-Heroin Chic, Ritualwell, Persimmon Tree, Northwind Treasury, and Rise Up Review, plus she wrote the runner-up poem for the 2024 Steve Kowit Prize. Find her memoirs on Medium, and her reviews at the New York Journal of Books and Historical Novels Review. She also writes feature articles, short stories, and novels, recently This Ardent Flame and The Long Shadow.

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