April 22 – Kari Gunter-Seymour

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Rorschach Test

Rorschach Test

Consider daffodil blades 
in the crackling cold of February, 
those green thumbs up
breaking through earth’s rind,
obliterating doubt—what’s left 
of winter suddenly endurable.

What tethers us to the tentative,
to contingencies, to the life force  
we are designed to abandon from birth? 

I am reluctant to call it destiny, knowing 
too well which neuroses rush forth 
from that word, sifted through lobes 
and sockets to lubricate our worry. 

Listen—there are things to love 
about failure too. Sometimes 
we make mistakes, call them coincidence, 
trapped like thirsty sponges
between memory and the moment, 
our imagined selves the deal we make.

Aren’t most of us in fact still children 
mishandling oversized bodies,
echoing songs seeded in our mind’s eye?  		

We pump our legs on a playground swing, 
avoid the dare to jump, the grass 
beneath our feet heeled to death, 
the slaughtered ground a pit of sharps 
and flats, scars the shape of shattered        
hearts stamped into our elbows and knees.

First print: Writing in a Women’s Voice


Gunter-Seymour’s writing helper is served in a tall, insulated plastic tumbler, with a screw-on lid that occasionally and without notice, decides to flip its seal and spill the hot hazelnut-flavored elixir contained within, causing all matter of calamity. In its defense, it is at least ten years old and has traveled the country with the poet many times over. But it’s the elixir, made golden with oatmilk, sucked through a bright red straw that is magic. Lord knows she can’t get through a day without it. Believe me, she has tried!

Writing Assistant cup


Ohio Poet Laureate Kari Gunter-Seymour focuses on lifting up underrepresented voices including incarcerated adults and women in recovery. Her collection Alone in the House of My Heart received the 2023 ABF Best Book Award. She is an artist in residence for the Writing the Land project, a Pillars of Prosperity Fellow for the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio, the founder/executive director of the Women of Appalachia Project, and editor of its anthology series Women Speak. Her work has been featured on Verse Daily, Poem of the Week, World Literature Today, The New York Times, and Poem-a-Day.


Dirt Songs
Order here: https://eastoverpress.com/books/poetry/dirt-songs-by-kari-gunter-seymour/

Alone In the House of My Heart
Order here: https://www.ohioswallow.com/9780804012430/alone-in-the-house-of-my-heart/

A Place So Deep Inside America It Can’t Be Seen

Order here: https://sheilanagigblog.com/sheila-na-gig-editions-quick-shopping/kari-gunter-seymour/

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