April 23 – Jane Edna Mohler

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The Strays of Incheon

The Strays of Incheon	

At 2 a.m. Korea time, my son roams the streets carrying 
treats for stray cats. They run to him weaving through his legs. 

He wanders before returning to his single room sewed 
into a slim alley crisscrossed by wires. 

It’s morning here when he calls, rants about the faults 
and obligations of his world. I stay quiet.

I don’t know where he’s going
but I’m sure he isn’t calling for directions.

His city cools, sloughs off days of tramping feet 
and roaring motorbikes delivering bibimbap.

He sends video of a cat the neighbors call Little Miss Flower. 
She darts from under a Hyundai plastered with emojis. 

Unattached, they meet between the streetlights, breathing 
the easy darkness.

But couldn’t he do this someplace closer? 

Then I remember a similar distance, and how it opened 
a late-night knowledge that still comes running to me.

Jane Edna Mohler

Published in Gyroscope Review’s Crone Power Issue Fall 2023


Fritz and Minerva take turns looking over my shoulder, in fact, they fight over the chair. Fritz likes brisk poems about birds. Minerva likes poems about food. They hate it when I write about other cats.



Jane Edna Mohler was 2020 Bucks County Poet Laureate, 2016 Winner of Main Street Voices, and placed second in the 2023 Crossroads Contest. Latest publications include Gargoyle, Gyroscope Review, Sheila-Na-Gig, and One Art. Her collection, Broken Umbrellas, was published by Kelsay. Jane is the Poetry Editor of the Schuylkill Valley Journal. www.janeednamohler.com

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