April 15 – Georgina Key

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Chaos Dive Reunion, Mutabilis Press, 2023



Mossy gravestones list like the ravaged teeth of some giant,

all snaggle-toothed, one or two loose in their peaty cavity.

I graze my veined hand across weathered marble,

peer at letters engraved into ancient stone,

lichen obscuring their meaning.

Leaves rattle like voices of the dead and I cock my head,

listen for you amongst the choir.

Each one longs to be heard but only yours rings true.

Arthritic joints click as I kneel on the grass—a prayer mat facing Mecca.

The cloth napkin I unfold releases the yeasty scent

of bread I baked this morning, still warm.

I hold before me a piece torn off, cupped in my hands like an offering.

It won’t bring you back, I know, but I hope it will honor you in some way.

On my tongue it rests lightly. I inhale so its taste reaches the back of my throat.

Then I chew very slowly until it turns wet and heavy in my mouth.

Bending over, hands folded, I breath into you. Can you taste it?

Worn grooves naming the dead curve as I trace their edges like braille.

What do they tell, beyond your name, your first and last breath—

what about everything in between?

A bird calls from high above, a soundtrack to your too-short life.

High notes accompany the better days—

your first kiss, your first child born into the world,

the one I held in my arms.

So fragile. But not as fragile as you, it turned out.

The bird’s cries turn shrill—

the pain of childbirth,

the heartache of losing your true love,

the first and the last.

I wail into the trees, my own voice joining the chorus.

Until all is silent, and I hear only your bones

decomposing beneath the wet earth.

Gyroscope Review, Fall Crone Power Issue, 2023


Nigel the Elder spent his twilight years in a patch of sunlight on his bed, which he shared with his beloved best friend, Georgina. They slept curled in each other’s arms every night. His greatest achievement is being Georgina’s muse—all her stories feature a cat. But he’s most proud of her latest which has an actual lion in it! He fancies himself a lion, although his roar on only slightly less formidable, perhaps. She doesn’t know it, but he still sits next to her as she types away on her laptop, using his powers to channel her next literary feline.



Georgina Key is an award-winning author whose debut novel, Shiny Bits In Between, is a recipient of the Phoenix prize for Best New Voice of 2020 (Kops-Fetherling International Book Award) and a finalist for the 2022 International Book Awards in women’s fiction. Her poetry has appeared in several journals and anthologies. Georgina was born and raised in England and currently splits her time between the UK and Texas. Her second novel, Syllables of the Briny World, will be availabe April 2024. She is currently finishing her third novel which is set in England.

Visit the author’s website at www.georginakey.com, or her social media accounts at  https://www.instagram.com/keygeorgina/ and https://www.facebook.com/gkeyauthor

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