April 8 – Laurie Kuntz

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Your father and I admonished you
for walking ahead on the craggy mountain ridge.

You defended your eager steps,
saying you were musing
on the musical styles
of Mingus, Parker, and Shorter,

leaving your parents stymied
by the unfamiliar refrains of rugged hills and curves —

in a slippery moment, chide turned to philosophy.

On top of a mountain, you professed to one thing:

Everyone’s style becomes familiar —
the blooming seasons of my poetry,
a worn pedestrian sole.

After 20 years of weaving your life
into draping wisteria and waning moons,
You now want to see the butterfly —
Mortar, pestle, sulfur,
……………………………………vinegar and brine
………………………………………………………………..ground to chrysalis.

"Style" first appeared in Jerry Jazz Musician Journal. 
The Sunday Poem: “Style” by Laurie Kuntz


Laurie Kuntz’s two rescue dogs, Sage and Merlin, named for wisdom and magic, are frolicking in doggy heaven. While on Earth, they embodied their names. Merlin, who lived in the yard and never wanted to sit inside by the warm fire,  loved being a stray and avoided the dog catcher when he roamed the neighborhood in northern Japan where their poet mama lived and fed him. Sage, the wiser of the two, loved to cuddle on the couch and was wise enough not to poop on the many rugs in the house. These two rescues inspired many a poem, and the poet who loved them lives day- to- day in hopes that she honors the true meaning of their names.  


Laurie Kuntz is a four-time Pushcart Prize nominee and a two-time Best of the Net Nominee. She has published six books of poetry.  Her latest book, That Infinite Roar, was published by Gyroscope  Press. Her themes come from working with Southeast Asian refugees, living as an expatriate in Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, and Brazil, raising a husband and son, and loving her 12 cats and 2 dogs.


Her Book titles are:

That Infinite Roar

Talking Me off the Roof

The Moon Over My Mother’s House

Women at the Onsen

Simple Gestures

Somewhere in the Telling 

Links to where they can be purchased are on her website and Amazon.


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