April 10 – Wendy McVicker

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The Submerged City

The Submerged City
by Wendy McVicker

In the submerged 
city, a woman in red

floats, suspended, her hair
coiling above her

like living tentacles.
Pillars with ornate capitals

hold up a ceiling
we cannot see.

What brings her,
and us, here

to the ruined city?
What flood, loosed

by river or sea,
took over this land,

remade it in water’s 
own image?

Water, the god
that lives within us all,

made the world
we came from, the world

that reclaims us 
with every rainfall,

every rising tide.
I know there are places

that suffer drought
today, the earth cracking,

the unblinking sun
bleaching color from

the world, burning 
all it touches.

Perhaps that’s why
this image soothes,

its abundance 
of water, the way

the woman seems
to float, at ease,

in her red dress,
her eyes closed

in apparent peace,
and the way that water

clouds the walls, a promise
of resurrection, and life,

a promise to cool
every thirsting throat

This poem appeared in the Fall Crone Power Issue (2023)
of Gyroscope Review


Dora (see photo) started life wandering the back streets by the Hocking River, gathering material for a sizzling memoir. Once having chosen her family, she settled into pondering the meaning of life and considering whether her writing should be prose, poetry, or some magnificent mutation — like herself, a proud polydactyl — of her own creation. She values privacy in which to think her own thoughts without disruption.


Wendy McVicker served as poet laureate of Athens, Ohio, from 2020 through 2022. She is a longtime Ohio Arts Council teaching artist. Her books include Zero, a Door https://orchpress.com/index.php/en/new-publications2-2/174-zero-a-door and Stronger When We Touch, co-authored with Cathy Cultice Lentes. She has a chapbook, Alone in the Burning, forthcoming from Sheila-Na-Gig Editions in Fall 2024.

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