April 13 – D. Dina Friedman

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When I arrive, you’re missing.
Not in the rough-hewn box.

Not in the prefab hole 
with the perfect corners. 

Not balanced on the conveyor straps 
slackened for descent, then tightened.

Your silence interrupted 
by thumps 

worn prayerbooks dropped 
landing on the hinged wood. 

Had you been there, you might have hurled one,
said, “See, I’ve still got my pitching stuff.”

I don’t look at the hole 
when my turn comes to shovel, I take off 

my mittens. It could have been colder
and I could have lied, 

evoked the trope of black umbrellas, 
but the truth is 

the sky was so blue that day, 
it sung.


RUFUS HOROWITZ FRIEDMAN (2005-2022) was known for his impeccable taste in mice, cheese, and words. He spent many years helping his writer grade student papers, and he freely offered his opinions on her first drafts of poems, often deleting phrases with one nonchalant stroke of a paw that he felt were not in service to where a poem wanted to go. He had a special penchant for poems with large degrees of alliteration and assonance, which he loved purring along to as they were read aloud.



D. Dina Friedman’s newest books are the poetry collection Here in Sanctuary—Whirling (Querencia Press) and Immigrants (Creator’s Press). She’s also the author of two young adult novels: Escaping Into the Night (Simon and Schuster) and Playing Dad’s Song (Farrar, Straus, Giroux), and a previous book of poetry: Wolf in the Suitcase (Finishing Line Press). Dina has published in over a hundred literary journals and received four Pushcart Prize nominations. Visit her website www.ddinafriedman.com, and subscribe to her blog on living a creative life in a creatively challenged universe at ddinafriedman.substack.com

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