April 20 – Richard Jordan

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Extending the Drift

Extending the Drift

Sometimes the perfect presentation of
a blue-winged olive between a pool and riffle
raises a trout long as your forearm with
black spots the size of thumbnails and a deep

red stripe, so sleek. You watch it leap
at the fly and miss, then it begins to fade 
downstream as you whisper, Come back, take it.
Squinting into the glare of late-spring sun, 

the magnificence barely now in sight, you draw
a breath and hold it, reach out over the water, 
farther, farther still to extend the drift, 
until the line strips to its end and you 

must finally exhale, breathe again, somehow
convince yourself there are always future chances.


This poem appeared in the summer 2023 issue of Gyroscope Review


Hilbert (aka Hilly, aka Bean, aka The Boy, aka Sir Hil the Bert) was born on the mean streets of Long Island but found his way into a shelter in Massachusetts and then into a home equipped with two compliant human servants. Hilbert, an aspiring self-help author, is hard at work on the guide How Not to Get Stuck Repeatedly on Top of the Refrigerator (Where, Surely, the Answer to Everything Is) at 3:00 A.M. and Cry Loudly Until Your Hoomans Wake Up and Save You. His hobbies include launching himself at birds only to be thwarted by the breezeway window screen, and that’s about it. Unlike many cats, he enjoys belly rubs. His bite to rub ratio is a staggeringly low 1/6. He apologizes for putting math into his bio, but his hooman, Richard, named him after the famous mathematician David Hilbert. How silly is that?



Richard Jordan’s poems have appeared or will appear soon in Midwest Quarterly, Rattle, Valparaiso Poetry Review, New York Quarterly, Gargoyle Magazine, Sugar House Review, Tar River Poetry, Redivider, Connecticut River Review, South Florida Poetry Journal, and elsewhere. His debut chapbook, The Squannacook at Dawn, won first place in the 2023 Poetry Box Chapbook Contest. He serves as an Associate Editor for Thimble Literary Magazine and lives in the Boston area.

Check out Richard’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/richard.jordan.7106

His chapbook is available here: https://thepoetrybox.com/bookstore/squannacook

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