Poet of the Day – Jessica Barksdale Inclan

National Poetry Month April 18, 2020 Jessica Barksdale Inclan HOW TO ROAST A PELICAN If you can catch one, you must first kill it. You may stop out of necessity or belief system. But if you’re hungry, if you feel the flesh on your teeth, wring its neck. Next, pluck. I can’t tell you how. […]

Poet of the Day – Penelope Schott

National Poetry Month April 17, 2020 Penelope Schott Dear Repair Technician,   My husband is not operating properly. When he drives, he doesn’t speak, or if he does, he says, that’s a Tesla. In bed when I want my feet rubbed, his hands will drift up to my breasts. If he slices strawberries for cereal, […]

Poet of the Day – Pamela Sumners

National Poetry Month April 16, 2020 Pamela Sumners LAST RITES   It rained cottonmouths for 30 days after you died. They wore proud boots and took over the streets, slithered and kicked through the steel-plated doors. They sat coiled or casually dropped in your special recliner. They ate the last Tyson’s chicken in Arkansas—they did! […]

Poet of the Day – Ren Pike

National Poetry Month April 15, 2020 Ren Pike old friend   we met in snowsuit suffocation bursting bruised from bully buses enduring lawless endless recess powerless in paramilitary dress singing campfire songs me in hand-me-down stress you riddled and repressed carrying cafeteria tray caution past hostile hoards   we merged into oncoming havoc registrar-recorded rapids […]