Promopalooza – Jessica Barksdale Inclan

Jessica Barksdale Inclan Do you have an MP3 of you reading a poem? Send it along. Poem – “This is it” Your Chapbook or Book Title, Press, Where available for sale. Grim Honey, Sheila-Na-Gig What inspired you to write this Chapbook/Book? What else should we know about it? Or just add the Blurb. The hardest […]

Poet of the Day – Jessica Barksdale Inclan

National Poetry Month April 18, 2020 Jessica Barksdale Inclan HOW TO ROAST A PELICAN If you can catch one, you must first kill it. You may stop out of necessity or belief system. But if you’re hungry, if you feel the flesh on your teeth, wring its neck. Next, pluck. I can’t tell you how. […]