Poet of the Day – Laura Grace Weldon

National Poetry Month April 10, 2020 Laura Grace Weldon Common Ground   What’s incomplete in me seeks refuge in blackberry bramble and beech trees, where creatures live without dogma and water moves in patterns more ancient than philosophy. I stand still, child eavesdropping on her elders. I don’t speak the language but my body translates […]

Poet of the Day – Alex Pickens

National Poetry Month April 9, 2020 Alex Pickens Stardumb   Snorting stardust and cracking hyperspace Tearing up time continuums with a drag race Running rings around Saturn and blue Neptune Speedsters shootings stars of hydrogen fusion boosters Slingshotting out of groovitational fields until our smiles Stretch tight across our skulls, and smoke leaks out Of […]

Poet of the Day – Erin Wilson

National Poetry Month April 8, 2020 Erin Wilson The Black Draft               ~in memoriam Grammy; age 66 At Birch Lake the black painted turtles have hauled themselves again from the primordial muck; they use their foreclaws to hoist their shelled selves up onto trees that fell to shore fifteen years ago. It’s weird, my […]

Poet of the Day – Nicholas Alexander Hayes

National Poetry Month April 6, 2020 Nicholas Alexander Hayes The Skin Horse Dostoevsky dreams of a man beating a horse. Onlookers only smile. The dream ends and the novelist awakens, thanks god, and smiles. Napoleon on his rearing steed embodies the red genius of Hannibal. His steadiness on the precipice keeps his starving troops going […]