Origin Stories – Susan Barry-Schulz

Jones —on reading Alex D. at Jones Beach State Park, Field 2 by Susan Barry-Schulz I took your book, Love, to the windswept beach. Grains of sand hurled themselves deep into its spine. Pages fluttered— feathers and pages, papery wings inked in fire. A single cloud slid across the bluest of skies, darkening the seawater, […]

Origin Stories – Sarah Snyder

When God Listens To Eve by Sarah Snyder It’s hard to be the beginning the one pulled from a cage of ribs without the sweet smell of milk or symbiosis of skin, that’s probably why he and I began our cleaving, arriving already long-limbed and flat bellied. The only sanity would be to sleep next […]

Origin Stories – Cathy Thwing

Glosa: On Seeing Your Poem Beside the Words of Others by Cathy Thwing I stay quiet until the sun flattens on the landscape, and the map of the day unfolds its long dream of innocence. — ELEGY BY MARTIN WILLITTS JR. (from Gyroscope, Spring 2022) “Who will read?” Five hands shoot up. Not yours. Decades […]