Origin Stories – Jess Parker

Origin Story v_2 by Jess Parker It was She that brought the first He and the many after. Man enveloped by woman (contained by) and set loose when ready. Otherwise, where would the ‘w’ sneak through with its many elbows— or the ‘o’ an ancient infinity symbol, turning, starting itself over. A portal where one […]

Origin Stories – Yvonne Zipter

Tenacity by Yvonne Zipter Across the world, there’s a war going on, the latest in a long line of self-important potentates who believe the world belongs to them, destroying what they mean to keep, taking lives like pennies at the convenience store register. But life is as hungry as death. Lupine flowers, cunningly wolfish, sprout […]

Origin Stories – Maryann Hurtt

Even Dead Fish Become Roses by Maryann Hurtt she remembers in her last days as cancer slips through a back door trying to steal whatever was good but memories sustain her of a time relishing second chance lust even love and how she and her man lay on Onion River’s bank joining muck and grit […]