Origin Stories – Martha Bordwell

Our Path by Martha Bordwell Let’s uncoil our summer of love, when you taught me to detassle corn. I followed behind, distracted by your shoulders and swagger. When you turned around, your voice rumbled, your eyes were an invitation. Remember the raspberries you tended in that garden as big as our house? Each bush fat […]

Origin Stories – Kim Malinowski

Archeological Love Song by Kim Malinowski 1. Let my hands stumble into channers laugh sienna pebbles fingers rough scraped across mesh history sacred on palms. 2. Let my feet always press deep loved soil trowel whispered prayer. Sink into sediment love, stratigraphy tongued blessing. 3. Let me calculate our radials distance between my shovel your […]

Origin Stories – Lakshman Bulusu

The Best Memorial by Lakshman Bulusu (On Robert Frost farm in Derry, NH) Derry farm bears a boy’s will, as he poetized his experiences on this farm. It retains its originality along with the verses. The kitchen with old cups and plates, The dining table with forks and spoons, the bedrooms, and more– each sight […]