Fall 2023 Crone Power Issue

Crone Power Issue Cover

Welcome to our annual Fall Crone Power Issue for 2023! This amazing issue is filled with thought-provoking work by a wonderful group of older women. We are honored to present the following poets and their outstanding work.

Christine Andersen, Ellen Austin-Li, Terri Watrous Berry, Terry Bodine, Janice Bressler, Jayne Brown, Sara Burant, Wendy Carlisle, Elizabeth Christy, Lisa Wence Connors, Susan Coronel, Robin Dellabough, Heather Dubrow, Adele, Evershed, Alexandra Fössinger, D. Dina Friedman, Lea Galanter, Marj Hahne, Elaine Handley, Pauletta Hansel, Judith Hansen, Mare Heron Hake, Nancy Huggett, Georgina Key, Helga Kidder, Hilary King, J I Kleinberg, Tricia Knoll, Paula Lambert, Diane LeBlanc, Lois Levinson, Kali Lightfoot, Susan Lilley, Peggy Liuzzi, Kelly Madigan, Wendy McVicker, Diane Melby, Marda Messick, Kathleen Cassen Mickelson, Jane Edna Mohler, Catherine Naisby, Martina, Reisz Newberry, Lynn Pattison, Marge Piercy, Patricia Rockwood, Patricia L. Scruggs, Sarah Dickenson Snyder, Julie Standig, Jessica Thompson, Agnes Vojta, and Elinor Ann Walker.

You can read this fantastic poetry three ways.

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