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The City, A Ghazal for the Colored Girls, Ten Moments Last Summer

.chisaraokwu Bio

.chisaraokwu. (she/hers) is a manifestation of the Igbo people in North America. Before transitioning to the art, she practiced medicine and served as a senior health policy advisor in the federal government. Her art explores the indigenous practices of the Igbo, their (non)expression | suppression in Eurocentric spaces, and how the spirit | body expresses traumatic memories. She is grateful to have had her work published in many places, including Berkeley Poetry Review, Cider Press Review, Glass, Gyroscope, Obsidian, and the New England Journal of Medicine, and for support from Banff Centre for the Arts, Cave Canem, Brooklyn Poets & Chautauqua Literary Arts.

Social Media: 

Twitter: @chisaraasomugha

Website: www.chisaraokwu.com/poetry

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