Happy Mother’s Day from Gyroscope Review

Mothers. Everyone has one somewhere. So we hope you celebrate yours, or celebrate you if you are a mother, this Sunday.

And here, for your poetry pleasure, is a sampling of some of the poems we’ve published that offer pieces of what mothers do, feel, long for, and mean. None of these are traditional celebrations of motherhood, but they do dig beneath the idealized vision we are used to. We invite you to have a look once the Mother’s Day celebrations are over, when you have a quiet moment or two.

Crooked Pinkies by Laurie Kolp, Gyroscope Review issue 15-1, page 23.

Now We Will Speak in Flowers by Micki Blenkush, Gyroscope Review issue 15-1, page 25.

A Poem About Maria Theresa by James Graham, Gyroscope Review issue 15-1, page 27.

Chorus by Terry Jude Miller, Gyroscope Review issue 15-1, page 37.

Fried Bread by Patricia Frolander, Gyroscope Review issue 15-2, page 26.

The Starving Wind by Steve Klepetar, Gyroscope Review issue 15-3, page 7.

Long Lost by Oonah V Joslin, Gyroscope Review issue 15-3, page 22.

Never Forget Why Your Wrist Throbs by Alexis Rhone Fancher, Gyroscope Review issue 16-1, page 26.

Olive Oil by Julianne DiNenna, Gyroscope Review issue 16-1, page 39.

When You Think You’re Ready to Pack Up Your Grief by Alexis Rhone Fancher, Gyroscope Review issue 16-1, page 40.

Dead Line by Claire Scott, Gyroscope Review issue 16-2, page 15.

My Sister Tells Me by Kathleen McClung, Gyroscope Review issue 16-2, page 17.

Ten O’Clock, The Day Already Threatening by Kari Gunter-Seymour, Gyroscope Review issue 16-2, page 20.