Poet of the Day – Joe Hardy

National Poetry Month April 25, 2020 Joe Hardy SKIPPING STONES   When water wets stone is stone more real as it tastes water—   in between those kisses, longing left within the stone?   Or, are Saint Catherine’s tremors true that all the way to heaven is heaven.   Or does gratitude in lovers parting […]

Poet of the Day – Toti O’Brien

National Poetry Month April 24, 2020 Toti O’Brien MIGRATION   As you vanish, unchecked grasping frantically at denial (your trusted safety belt) trying to resist sinking   noticing on a glimpse of consciousness you cannot tell your age or mine, or today’s date   ‘then’ you say ‘we should say farewell. I might not recognize […]

Poet of the Month – Elaine Wilburt

National Poetry Month April 22, 2020 Elaine Wilburt Nôtre Dame de Paris: Entr’acte   As crimson rays melting to violet slip from bell tower to buttresses, a solo sax wails sobs laden with this dusk.   Against a stone bridge, creamy and warm, echoes redouble like a round, fading layer on layer, harmonizing grief.   […]