Poet of the Day – Claire Rubin

National Poetry Month April 29, 2020. Claire Rubin Wise Penelope   Twenty years without hearth sitting, shawl weaving, sock sewing, without supervising servants so the roast pig is pleasing to the hoards of lascivious men swigging wine, pinching servants and waving cardboard swords   Twenty years of adventures, the captain of her ship never falling […]

Poet of the Day – Dotty LeMieux

National Poetry Month April 27, 2020 Dotty LeMieux On the Day Cokie Roberts Died   I had to remember she wasn’t Nina Totenberg And that Dan Rather wasn’t dead, only banished But Tucker Carlson was still alive and well Alive anyway if not well informed     I had to remember the news isn’t just […]

Poet of the Day – Alison Stone

National Poetry Month April 26, 2020 Alison Stone Pandora   I’m a hot mess, ravishing disaster, blown into town under a blade-sharp moon. Men, you quiver as I slink by with my lipsticked smirk and box of troubles, ache at the sway of my skirt. You’ve never seen a woman’s hips before, never touched hair […]