If You Like Printed Copies

We know a lot of poets who love holding books in their hands, actual books with pages to turn and dog-ear and scribble notes upon. That’s something that doesn’t happen with digital poetry journals. Given that we fund this operation ourselves, we’ve set it up so it doesn’t make us bankrupt. Website hosts and domain […]

Book Review – Billy Collins “Ballistics”

Book Review – Billy Collins “Ballistics”     Ballistics by Billy Collins Random House 2008 ISBN: 978-1-4000-6491-5   An interesting book of poetry from former poet laureate Billy Collins (2001-2003) is titled “Ballistics”, perhaps as a warning to the reader that a careful analysis is in order. Wikipedia defines ballistics as “the science of mechanics […]

The Book Links Party Continues UPDATED!

And now, for round two in our Book Links Party in honor of National Poetry Month. We offer you these titles: NEW BOOK LINK! Kai Coggin, Wingspan. Paperback, $17.00, published by Golden Dragonfly Press, available at  www.kaicoggin.com. Tina Cole, I Almost Knew You. Paperback, 48 pages, and Kindle edition, $8.60/$7.00 respectively, available on Amazon.com. Iris Jamahl Dunkle, There’s a […]