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All You Need — Love Poems

Ah, love poems. February 14th is coming up fast. Perhaps you want to write a love poem to your significant other. Or maybe you need a love poem to yourself. Nothing wrong with that. A love poem to the furry presence in your life? No problem. Read it to your cat or dog and let them know how much they mean to you. There are no limits on love poetry. Well, one limit. Please don’t…

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Poem Analysis – Taming the Wild Verse

Faced with a daunting task, you whip out your sword and poke tentatively at the page. The poem rears back like a cobra and strikes, rapping your knuckles and yanking the blade from your numb fingers. Defenseless, you stand and accept the myriad of paper cuts dished out by the sneering paper. Reading a poem isn’t that bad. Really. You are an adult now and can read a poem for pleasure instead of an English…

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