Origin Stories – Sharon Scholl

Stolperstein* by Sharon Scholl One by one we can take them in — those names that once were flesh and lived among us. Neighbors disowned when they were politically inconvenient. People in the prison camps disavowed even when we smelled their corpses. One by one, their memories, insistent, take their former places in our homes. […]

Origin Stories – L. Shapley Bassen

IRL by L. Shapley Bassen In Real Life, words, pauses, punctuation. Smells, perfume, memory is a scrim, a masking of movements, bowel and ballet. Autumn, age, are slow shock. Now, whether body can weather toxins? Ankle cramp? No acronyms suffice. Spell it out. Origin Stories – IRL This is a new poem, haven’t submitted anywhere […]

Origin Stories – Howard Lieberman

A Butterfly in Odessa by Howard Lieberman The medium suits her, and she sings; she sings as if absolutely alone, Surrounded by simulations of grief: desertion, denial, umbrella’d by umbrage, eyes aflame with a kindle of tears. What is that for which she really weeps: this futile place, that distant, venal State, that flat, fatiguing […]

Origin Stories – Wanda Praisner

Karakorum by Wanda S. Praisner That sunny dome! those caves of ice! S. T. Coleridge For social studies, I show my old slides of Mongolia. The five of us entering Ulan Bator’s Hotel B where flies blacken the breakfast but ignore the white yogurt. My family by the propeller plane on the sandy runway. A […]