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More on Revising Poetry

Revising your poetry. You’ve got a notebook (computer) full of finished poems and wonder “What comes next?” Do you slap the results in an email and rush to submit them far and wide? Or do you carefully revise your work, and create the strongest poems possible?  Revising poetry is the way to go, more so now that I know the depth of my not knowing. It’s a rare poem that can make the leap from…

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Reading Women Poets of the World

I’ve been re-reading Women Poets: From Antiquity to Now by Aliki Barnstone and Willis Barnstone. It’s an interesting collection ranging from a lone Sumerian poet through Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Persian, Indian, African, Chinese, Japanese, European, Native American poets, and even one translated Egyptian Hieroglyph poem. The time span ranges from about 2300 BC to poets born in the 1950s. The range of voices is fascinating. Although hundreds and sometimes thousands of years separate the poets…

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Follow the Guidelines to Success

Guidelines. Follow the guidelines when you submit. They’re an important part of any literary magazine. You want to have your best shot at getting your work published, so read any guidelines carefully. We (meaning Gyroscope Review) didn’t make up frivolous guidelines. They were cultivated over time with a goal in mind—making the editor’s job easier. Hey, why do YOU get it so easy you ask. Well, we understand you should be tailoring your submissions to…

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Methods of Creating Visual Poetry

Methods of creating visual poetry. It’s nice to have videos of you or others reading poems to pop on YouTube or other places. Maybe you want to up your game and create something a little different. Backgrounds with the words of your poems appearing in front of them. I found some videos that show you how to make visual poems and some examples. It’s handy if you have a drone to get that aerial footage,…

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