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More on Revising Poetry

Revising your poetry. You’ve got a notebook (computer) full of finished poems and wonder “What comes next?” Do you slap the results in an email and rush to submit them far and wide? Or do you carefully revise your work, and create the strongest poems possible?  Revising poetry is the way to go, more so now that I know the depth of my not knowing. It’s a rare poem that can make the leap from…

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writing process

Looking for a Few Good Revision Tips?

Today’s blog post is brought to you by our Assistant Editor, Joshua Colwell. You’ve just written a poem. It might be the best poem you’ve ever written. It has imagery, voice, theme, all the right line breaks. You might think you don’t need to revise, but here are some tips on what to do before you send it out.  Let it rest. You may be tempted to send it off to your favorite literary magazine…

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