The Crone Power Issue Fall 2020

Crone Power Issue

We are delighted to offer the new issue of Gyroscope Review – The Annual Crone Power Issue. This issue features a fantastic cover by Assistant Editor Elya Braden and 50+ poems from women-identifying poets over the age of 50. These are powerful poems offering a range of diverse voices for today’s uncertain world. They show how a mature woman identifies to herself and to others. The poems are a celebration of the older woman and the perception she freely offers.

What began as a small way to give back has become an annual celebration of older women and their stories on life, love, and heartache. They are the underrepresented voices in the poetry world. We’re taking back the term ‘crone’. It’s not a title to shy away from but a word that means a mature woman with the wisdom and knowledge that’s so often needed by others. Don’t make crones invisible, seek them out, and listen to what they have to say.

The Crone Power Issue.

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