Poets Read: Carol L. Deering

We are pleased to offer our Poets Read series in honor of National Poetry Month 2019 and will run it throughout the month of April. 

Every day in April, our website and our YouTube channel will feature the voice of a poet whose work has appeared in our pages over the past year. On Sundays, we will offer two poets for your enjoyment. 

Today’s poem is Weightlessness by Carol L. Deering and it appeared in the Winter 2019 issue of Gyroscope Review.

by Carol L. Deering

Tonight the stars flake
and groan

            over alfalfa fields,
igniting the dark 

snaky road
behind the ambulance

on our way
to Emergency.  

I should have grabbed
my tripod, wide-angle lens 

patience, as they’ll
make us wait. 

You lie looking up,
bright lights

focus on ancient calm,
awe laced with  

smash-ups, distant
radioactive flares

varied exposure, 
drifting digits

cold and immense,
a radiance, a cure, a cry. 

Freefall, recovery.
The buoyancy of sky.   

About the Poet: Carol L. Deering has twice received the Wyoming Arts Council Poetry Fellowship (2016 and 1999). Her poems appear in online and traditional journals and anthologies, and in her first book, published in fall 2018: Havoc & Solace: Poems from the Inland West (Sastrugi Press). http://www.sastrugipress.com/