Poet of the Day – Nicholas Alexander Hayes

National Poetry Month April 6, 2020 Nicholas Alexander Hayes The Skin Horse Dostoevsky dreams of a man beating a horse. Onlookers only smile. The dream ends and the novelist awakens, thanks god, and smiles. Napoleon on his rearing steed embodies the red genius of Hannibal. His steadiness on the precipice keeps his starving troops going […]

Poet of the Day – Nate Maxson

National Poetry Month April 5, 2020 Nate Maxson Map Of Isola Di Pantelleria (Half Sung)   A temporary coagulation: wind land This desire for the near zero, horizonal: Riehman’s zeta function No grasp of the temporal but to swim Moving towards it but never arriving The giardino pantesco: old stone, obsidian cairns ringed over single […]

Poet of the Day – Ashley Memory

National Poetry Month April 4, 2020 Ashley Memory Phalaenopsis For Becky   My window is framed by a jabot of white blossoms each petal stained with drops of red-violet ink.   People walking by gasp with delight or is it surprise that someone so silly and disorganized would own such a perfect thing?   What […]

Poet of the Day – Candice Kelsey

National Poetry Month April 3, 2020 Candice Kelsey Megxit                           for Meghan Markle   This poem is the press This line the Daily Mail This caesura – your father These letters your letter   This stanza breaks Like the shutter Of a super telephoto lens   And this alliteration Is afterthought arising Around Archie […]