Poet of the Day – Mary Ellen Talley

National Poetry Month April 14, 2020 Mary Ellen Talley Armchair Travel               for Aimee Nezhukumatathil   It began with a search for linalool while I was reading a poem, The Pepper Kingdom – Kerala by Aimee with the challenging last name who said on stage her six syllables were butchered in the classroom. Poor […]

Poet of the Day – Christina Lovin

National Poetry Month April 13, 2020 Christina Lovin Geodes   “Even a rock has insides/         smash one and see…”                ~Molly Peacock, “How I Come to You”   Back up that long hill again—familiar ruts and rocks shaking me awake once more after so long.   Not much changed.   You, the same: unbreakable […]

Poet of the Day – Agnes Vojta

National Poetry Month April 12, 2020 Agnes Vojta Greeting Cards They Don’t Make   I tried to find a card for you. “Get well soon” sounds fine for the flu or the leg you broke walking the dog. It doesn’t cut it for fist shaped bruises.   I opened “Caring thoughts”: “May only peaceful memories […]

Poet of the Day – Mantz Yorke

National Poetry Month April 11, 2020 Mantz Yorke Reflections: The Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial, Washington DC   You reached up and pointed to the name in the polished stone: a paler you reached up and touched your fingertips with cold.   His name, one of fifty-eight thousand, three hundred and seven graved into the black gabbro […]