A Gyroscope Review Review: Becoming a Tree: Poems 2007-2015 by James Graham

One of the ongoing discussions in poetry is whether poems are accessible, a word that has become despised. But Billy Collins put it well in his introduction to 180 More Extraordinary Poems for Every Day (New York: Random House, 2005) when he wrote about how he chose poems for that anthology: ….a preference for…poems that are hospitable toward their readers, poems in which a human voice is clearly sounded—poems with the front door left open.…

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Gyroscope Review editors decided that a good way to honor contributors to our journal is with an occasional interview. Today, we bring you contributing poet James Graham. GR: Thanks for agreeing to let us interview you for Gyroscope Review. We’re pleased that your work is included in our first issue. Will you please begin by telling us where you’re from, where you write, and why poetry? JG: I’ve lived all my life in Ayrshire, Scotland,…

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