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Being a writer and editor means spending a lot of time in front of a computer. When there’s an opportunity to take these skills out into the community, far away from the familiarity of one’s own desk, it’s important to take it. I’ve been lucky to have had three such opportunities this fall, all very different. The first opportunity was getting invited to speak and coach in a high school creative writing class in St.…

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Poets Read

Poets Read: Elya Braden

We are pleased to offer our Poets Read series in honor of National Poetry Month 2019 and will run it throughout the month of April.  Every day in April, our website and our YouTube channel will feature the voice of a poet whose work has appeared in our pages over the past year. On Sundays, we will offer two poets for your enjoyment.  Today’s poem is Measuring the Volume of My Absence by Elya Braden…

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