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Are You Ready For National Poetry Month?

It’s the 25th Anniversary of National Poetry Month, and Gyroscope Review is ready to celebrate! What’s New For the month of April, we will be featuring 30 past Gyroscope Review Poets and promoting their work. Promopalooza! Look for upcoming and recent books, links to purchase, audio files where you can hear a poet read a favorite poem, and answers to questions including “What was your publication journey like?” Drop by every day in April to…

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Welcome, 2021. We’ve Been Waiting For You

2021. Welcome. I keep checking out my window to make sure nothing is sneaking up on us, Mad Max style. It’s Day 1. So far, so good. Marking the New Year is supposed to be about resolutions. As writers, resolutions are easy to make and a bear to keep. The Muse is fickle, and despite our best intentions, likes to desert us just when we need inspiration the most. Knowing that makes beating her/him/they at…

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