Poet of the Day – Liz Jorgensen

National Poetry Month April 2, 2020 Liz Jorgensen My High School Students   They look like sweatpants and sleep. They smell like gym, like Axe and dew. They taste of rebellion and sound of gossip and heartache. Yet when they graduate, they feel like people—like purpose, like pride.   My High School Students appeared in […]

Poet of the Day – Gail Tyson

National Poetry Month April 1, 2020 Gail Tyson Darning the Wounded Tongue   Half-dog, half-camel, with bottomless eyes, the creature kneels beside me like a sphinx. Erect, tall in a Queen Anne chair, I gaze ahead. Neither of us makes a sound.   The creature kneels beside me in a pale room, silvery light casting […]

A Poet, a Notebook, and a Pencil Walk into a Bar…

It’s closing in on that time again. National Poetry Month. Are you prepared? Lots of folks use the month to generate new work, doing the Poem A Day thing. There are prompts galore out there for those who want to give writing a poem every day a try. Sometimes you need a little bit more […]