Poet of the Day – Joanne Kennedy Frazer

National Poetry Month April 21, 2020 Joanne Kennedy Frazer SANCTUARY   The journeys are broadcast over and over into homes of the comfortable   who feel summoned to witness families fleeing to illusory refuge.   Trust in the crossing is framed in faces  of the very young.   Tiny mouths seek mothers’ milk, innocence drowns. […]

Poet of the Day – Ann Howells

National Poetry Month April 20, 2020 Ann Howells Bigotry   falls, a gentle snow upon young shoulders, persistent wind chime tinkling the ear. It turns off lamps, turns up heat, so subtle it goes unnoticed. It falls like crumbs from Mama’s apron, spills in ashes from Dad’s pipe. Like asbestos in the ceiling, lead in […]

Poet of the Day – Lois Roma-Deeley

National Poetry Month April 19, 2020 Lois Roma-Deeley Anxiety and Television News   My lungs hurt. I’m not breathing. So, here I sit, alone on a narrow bed, making hand puppets appear and disappear between the lamplight and the wall. Stretching both hands wide open, I cross both palms, one over the other, waving each […]

Poet of the Day – Jessica Barksdale Inclan

National Poetry Month April 18, 2020 Jessica Barksdale Inclan HOW TO ROAST A PELICAN If you can catch one, you must first kill it. You may stop out of necessity or belief system. But if you’re hungry, if you feel the flesh on your teeth, wring its neck. Next, pluck. I can’t tell you how. […]